Ethel Virginia Croyle


February 24, 1920 - January 31, 2008


Ethel Virginia Graves was born February 24, 1920 in Lincoln, Kansas, the daughter of Henry Devillo Graves and Prudie Elizabeth Webb Graves.  The sixth daughter in a family of 8, her mother thought she would be the last, so she called her “Babe,” a name that stayed with her among her friends and relatives in Lincoln.  As she grew older, she decided to use the name Virginia.


     She attended Lincoln High School in Lincoln, Kansas.  She graduated from the Pilgrim Holiness High School and College in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She later transferred to the Immanuel Missionary College there, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree.


     She married Charles Leonard Croyle on June 8, 1945 in Colorado Springs, CO.  In 1972, the family moved to Mitchell, Nebraska to put the children in the Immanuel Missionary Christian School. They moved to Mitchell, South Dakota in 1975 so the children could attend Faith Bible School.  Virginia was a long time member of the Faith Missionary Church in Mitchell.


     Virginia’s hobbies were sewing, wallpapering and thrift shopping. Throughout her life she enjoyed helping the less fortunate. She also loved animals and had pets of all kinds during her life.  She believed that taking care of animals was good training for her children as well as entertainment.


     She is survived by her husband Leonard, five children; Beverly Keaveny and husband, Quent of Rainier, WA, Elizabeth Graf and husband, Jared of Maple City, MI, Cheryl Rothfuss and husband, Ray of Mitchell, SD, Virginia Hooker and husband, Jeff of Emory, TX, Charles Croyle and wife, Lisa of Granger, IA, thirteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by her daughter JoAnn Tapio. 



Tuesday, February 5, 2008
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Bittner Funeral Chapel
Mitchell, South Dakota


Tuesday, February 5, 2008
1:30 PM
Bittner Funeral Chapel
Mitchell, South Dakota


Sunset Memorial Cemetery
Mitchell, South Dakota

Posted by Wanda (Barton) Cassel on February 8, 2008
Oh the pleasant memories I have of Virgina. I remembered thinking, after our last PBC class reunion, when I saw Beverly and Leonard My what great memories of your mother I have. She was my sunshine when I walked home from school and I would see Virgina standing in the window of her store waving and sometimes would even come out and chat a bit. I could go on and on writing about all the smiles she placed on my face. But instead I want to express my condolences to all of her family and as my mother told me before her passing I pray that God throws pillows to cushion your hard times.(and he will)Beverly,Elizabeth, and Cheryl (you are the ones I knew and remember) I know how hard it is to lose your mother and may God comfort you during this difficult time. Wanda Cassel
Posted by Grqce Wiley Wise on February 7, 2008
Lots of memories of Mrs. Croyle, I got a puppy for my Dad at her Swap Shop on Colorado for his birthday. They had the dog "Bubbles" for several years. Good memmories. Remember you Beverly and your Dads kindness to us. Our prayers are with you at this time.
Posted by Leroy and Myrtle Adams on February 7, 2008
I have many pleasant memories from Virginia's wedding to seeing her again in church in Mitchell, SD. Our condolences to Leonard and the family. I am writing from Cairo, Egypt where I am teaching in the Faith Bible College and preaching in the Faith Churches.
Posted by Violet Karr on February 5, 2008
I have many wonderful memories of Mrs. Croyle. She was
such a kind and generous lady. She helped my mother alot by
making some beautiful clothes for us girls. I still remember the
pretty buttons on a little plaid skirt she made for me. I remember
Mother, Iris and I going to the Croyle home for a meal when the only child they had at that time was Beverly. That must have been when they lived on Willemette or close by. We will never
forget the time when Mrs. Croyle took Mother to Denver and she
bought each of us 5 girls a Madame Alexander doll!! What great memories. May God comfort each one at this difficult time.
Posted by Angeline (Finch) Hamberg on February 5, 2008
I don't have many personal memories other than the names of
Leonard and Virginia Croyle, But I knew they were special to my parents, Paul and Georgia Finch who have both passed away. I'm sure my brother Daniel knew them also and I know
quite a few of those who have already sent in comments. We all know the pain of letting go of loved ones and I do send condolences from our family. Angeline (Finch) Hamberg
Posted by Carolyn (Barton) Adams on February 5, 2008
I send my sympathies and condolences to the Croyle family. I was very close friends with Beverly. Our mothers were aso close. I can remember when Virginia would help my mother by making my sisters and me dresses. My thoughts and prayers are with you and may God comfort you and bear the hurt of losing a loved one. Losing a mother is so hard but knowing that we will meet again is blessed! --Carolyn
Posted by Donald and Audrey Lefever on February 4, 2008
I have many good memories of Mrs. Croyle especially when our family came to America and she made me my first Bible School dress and later my navy blue dress to wear for chorus. She was always so helpful and caring.
Donald remembers teaching Beverly in one of his first Science classes.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Audrey (Speidel) Lefever
Posted by Eunice Ziegler ( Evangeline McVey) on February 4, 2008
My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this time of grief. It is but for a moment, as God will lead on to His Heavenly home where we will all be reunited.
Your former teacher (1970-71)
May God richly bless and comfort each of you during this time of loss.
Posted by Rachel Boyd on February 4, 2008
I have so many memories of your family that it is difficult to know which ones to pull out of my memory file. One of your mother in particular is from my high school graduation. I had thought the white dress I wore for my 8th grade graduation would be fine, not realizing that whites yellow until I stood at Baccalaureate with seven other girls in new white dresses. I don't remember that I was particularly distressed, but your mother obviously felt I ought to have a new dress. She made one before Graduation two days later - a beautiful white dress which I wore all through college for band and chorus programs. I pricked my finger on a pin and got blood on the dress before she even got it off me. Then she taught me the ice cube trick, so all was well. I always loved that dress.

Mom used to go help Virginia different times, maybe especiallly when she was expecting another little Croyle. Your family had a cow, and Virginia sent raw milk home probably every time Mom was there. Mom never forgot how drinking that raw milk took the pain out of the arthritis in her feet. She was always so grateful.

Virginia was so friendly. I think that willl always be my most ready memory of her. Beverly, I know you have inherited that trait; I'm sorry I don't know your siblings.

I could write about Leonard's kindnesses to our family as well - making it possible for us to get a house when we moved to Colo Spgs, giving my brother John work, etc, etc.

I think Virginia and Leonard were modest people and had no idea the impact they had on others. They just went about their lives being themselves. I'm sure they are thought of with love by many who knew them through the years.

Losing a wife and mother is such a huge loss. I just pray that God will comfort your hearts. With love, Rachel Boyd
Posted by Earl and Rachel Adair on February 4, 2008
I send my condolences and prayers to the family of Virginia Croyle. I first knew the Croyles when we moved to Colorado Springs in 1958. I went to school with Elizabeth and Cheryl both in Colorado Springs and at Faith Bible School during college. I've worked and hunted with Leonard and played and studied with the most of the others. I cherish the memories of those years. May the God of comfort be with you as you grieve and heal. God bless. Earl Adair
Posted by Martin Swinehart on February 4, 2008
I add my condolences and sympathy to the family of Virginia Croyle. My mother's family was from northern Idaho, as was that of Leonard Croyle. Our common experiences go back a long ways! Leonard and Virginia were our neighbors, as Paula said; I remember when Beverly was born; she was one of the first little babies that I had contact with. Leonard taught my brother Donald to drive; probably in that Packard they had. What memories! May God especially comfort all of you at this time.
Posted by Esther Wehrmann on February 4, 2008
Our sympathies and prayers are with you, Leonard and family.
Ours has been a lifelong friendship. May the Heavenly Father
be close to all of you, bringing His comfort.

Ruth and Bonnie Lacy, and Esther (Lacy) Wehrmann
Posted by Edward and Ruth Herbert on February 4, 2008
Leonard, we remember you and Virginia from our days as students together in Colorado Springs. Though our paths parted after we were graduated in 1948, we are delighted that the old streams have reemerged and we are being blessed with the numerous updates from Vangie. Our condolences are with you and your family at this sad time. But we know that we shall soon be rejoicing together around the THRONE--P.T.L. YOU ARE IN OUR PRAYERS, Edward and Ruth (Smith) Herbert (Canada)
Posted by Joyce (Borough) Puttkammer on February 3, 2008
My thoughts and prayers are with the family. My mother attended Bible School with both Virgina and Leonard and our families remained close friends while the Crolyes lived in Colorado Springs, Beverly and I, being in the same grade all through grade school and high school, spent many hours at each other's home playing together. I have many fond memories of the Croyle home, picnics together in the Garden of the Gods, etc. May God give you peace and comfort during these difficult days and months.
Posted by Joy Ganger on February 3, 2008
How well I remember, as a small child, the excitement of meeting Cheryl and Jo Anne as tiny babies. Mrs. Croyle made me a dress and gave me a coat. I felt so rich! Long after you moved from Colorado Springs I would go by your house and have pleasant memories. Losing your mother is very hard--but how wonderful to know she is enjoying her heavenly home.

Our Thoughts are with you.

Ken & Joy Ganger
Posted by James and Olive Hall on February 3, 2008
I have many sweet memories of Mrs. Croyle when our family was growing up in Colorado Springs. Our condolences to all the family, especially Beverly. --James and Olive Hall
Posted by Paula Swinehart Crawford on February 3, 2008
Virginia and Leonard were my mother's next-door neighbors on Kiowa Street in Colorado Springs for a number of years, and Beverly was born while they lived there. Later I had the priviIege of teaching Beverly when she was in elementary school. I am saddened to learn of Virginia's passing and extend my condolences to all her family. May God bless each and every one. Paula Crawford
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