Eduviges Wolf


February 12, 1985 - October 25, 2009




Eduviges “Duvi” Guadalupe Preciado Wolf was born on February 12, 1985 in Cocula, Jalisco, Mexico to Miguel and Ana Maria Preciado.  Her parents named her after Saint Eduviges.  Saint Eduviges was known for her generosity, bestowing all that she could give to the sick, feeble, the impoverished and the imprisoned.  Duvi shared many of these bountiful traits, also.

In the late 1980's Duvi's parents and family moved to California, so the girls could have more opportunities.  The family lived in Gardena, Lawndale, and Hawthorne CA.  Duvi attended Chapman Elementary, Hawthorne Intermediate, and Leuzinger High School.  When she was fifteen, she joined the Hawthorne Police Explorer Program and excelled to the rank of lieutenant.  While attending Leuzinger High School she joined J.R.O.T.C. and was Battalion XO, second in command.

After graduation in 2003, Duvi joined the US Army in November.  She always worked hard to achieve her goals.  She was very proud of achieving the rank of Sergeant in the US Army.

In 2004, Duvi met Joshua Wolf while stationed in Fort Bragg, NC.  On October 19, 2005, they were married in Fayetteville, NC.   Into this union two beautiful little girls were born, Isabel, age three and Valeri, age one.  Duvi and Josh made each other sparkle; people just enjoyed being with them because you could feel their deep love for each other. 

She died on October 25, 2009 when her vehicle was ambushed while on convoy in Afghanistan.  Duvi is survived by her husband Josh; two daughters: Isabel and Valeri; her parents, Miguel and Ana Maria, her three sisters Mary, Ana, and Cecilia and many aunts, uncles and cousins. 




Monday, November 2, 2009
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Saint Mary of Mercy Catholic Church
Wake/Rosary Service ~ 7:00 PM
Alexandria, South Dakota


Tuesday, November 3, 2009
10:30 AM
Saint Mary of Mercy Catholic Church
Alexandria, South Dakota


Military Graveside Rites
Saint Peter's Catholic Cemetery
South Dakota Military Honor Guard
Farmer, South Dakota

Funeral Escort ~ Patriot Guard Riders

Posted by Charla Cope, Montrose friend of Dale & April on November 6, 2009
Josh: My heart goes out to you and your little girls. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers. Duvi gave the ultimate sacrifice and you can be very proud of that. Thank you to her and to you for giving of yourselves to defend our country. May God grant her eternal peace and give you comfort.
Posted by Shirleen Gerstenecker on November 3, 2009
Thank you for serving our country. With out brave Americans like your self this would not be the Land of Free and Home of the Brave. Our Grandson served three tours in Iraq and we are very proud of him and of all the soldiers who fought for our freedom.
Posted by Chris Geroy on November 1, 2009
I was honored to be one of the Patriot Guard Riders who accompanied Sgt. Wolf on one of the last legs of her journey. This woman is truly an American Hero and deserves all the respect, dignity, bells and whistles awarded for giving the ultimate sacrifice. I will not forget this day. It was my first PGR mission and I've never felt such a sense of honor and pride. God bless you Sgt. Wolf, along with your husband Josh, your children and the rest of your family. You definitely are a nation al treasure.
Posted by Mary Ackman on November 1, 2009
I am honored to have this chance to comment, if only I could find the words to say what I feel in my heart. I observed the Patriot Guard Rider procession this morning. I felt as if I was representing my son Paul, the Parce brothers, and PFC Gunnar Becker. It is an honor to know so many that have served, and a heartache to once feel the pain of those left behind.
Posted by Debey & Doug Senka on November 1, 2009 fragile. LOSS... so sudden. broken.... In the wake of such a loss, we're haunted by things we don't - and may never - understand. Yet the solace we seek may not come from answers. So we look for comfort, in the belief of love's everlasting connection. May that love lift you, hold close, and give you peace............
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